Who, What?

About Me

Me, the Ben Struthers from Minnesota

I'm the Ben Struthers who lives in Minnesota. There are a few other Ben Struthers out there; our numbers are growing, we should probably form a coalition to take over the world... but this space online is mine.

Professional Me

I'm a developer who works in the web space, doing everything from front-end to back-end development. I primary work with .NET & Angular but will play around with whatever I can get my hands on.

I've been working in the space for 13+ years, it's amazing how much things have changed. *cough* sometimes making things more complicated than they should be. *cough*

Not professional me

I still have a goal of some form of world domination. Someday I will own an island.

I enjoy listening to music, drinking beer & whiskey, and being outdoors. I've recently started to get into photography.

I play video games. I like to tinker with technology. I'm a baseball guy. Someday the MN Twins will stop hurting me. 😥 I like to play with Lego.

Contact Me


[email protected]


Fair warning, I do not keep my social media presence up to date.